While you’re coming in to shop for your holiday meals, don’t forget to check out the great gift options we have available!


We put together a list of some of our favorite items to gift that can be found throughout the store. Candles, chocolate, incense, stickers, ecovessels, and so much more, whether you’re looking for something to satisfy the people on your gift list or a treat for yourself, you’re sure to find what you need.


U-Konserve Bamboo Utensil

Eco-friendly portable bamboo spork perfect for work and school lunches, picnics, playdates and travel. Always be prepared to forgo single-use utensils when ordering takeout, at the farmer’s market, or on a trip. Lightweight and durable, this on-the-go spork is ideal for your purse, backpack or lunchbox.






Aloha Bay Coconut Wax Taper Candles

Perhaps the most beautiful burning candle is a coconut taper candle. The flame is bright, the candles are essentially dripless, and their brilliant color and tall stature will impress. The very best way to create ambiance for a meal or special occasion is to light Aloha Bay’s coconut taper candles.





Auromère Incense 

Hand-rolled, authentic preparations ranging from down-to-earth woody and herbal scents to the most heavenly floral fragrances.

25% of all Auromere incense profits are donated to help develop and support a school in one of the poorest regions of India.







Bee’s Wrap

Made in the USA with certified organic cotton, responsibly-sourced beeswax, certified organic plant oils, and tree resin. This combination creates a durable, yet pliable wrap that can be used again and again.







Dandy Pals from Minga Fair Trade Imports

Handknit 100% wool animals and dolls.  Brightly colored original designs made just for you by the Maldonado family in Ecuador.  Start your collection. Minga Fair Trade Imports seeks to improve the economic lives of small producers & strengthen relationships with their retail counterparts throughout the world by promoting fair trade commerce and intercultural education.






Fair Trade and Organic Chocolate

Choose from an assortment of …to carry an assortment of bars from ethical and fair trade certified companies so you can indulge while supporting good working conditions and fair wages for producers.








Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Enrich and nurture the body and mind with Aura Cacia’s high-quality essential oils. Made from simple and pure botanical ingredients.







SunLeaf Moisturizing Shampoo And Body Soap Bars

This 5 oz bar soap lathers into a rich, moisturizing shampoo and body soap — all in one! Hand-crafted exclusively from pure plant-derived ingredients and essential oil scents, these bars are biodegradable and free of synthetics, preservatives and petrochemicals.

Packaged in recycled paper, choosing this bar helps reduce plastic waste. Look good and feel great about the products you use – with SunLeaf!






Printshop Northwest Tea Towels

Designed and printed in the NW.  Printed with non-toxic water based ink on a premium flour sack towel. This American-made towel surpasses the flour sack towel quality standard. Woven with 100% cotton and a higher thread count than other lines, this towel is both soft to the touch and tightly woven for extra strength.