Re-coop Banner

What is Re+coop?

Re+coop is the name for our house charge account and ACH payment system available to Orcas Food Co-op members. House charge accounts allow you to charge purchases to your account without swiping a card or even needing to carry a wallet. Using ACH bank transfers as payment is convenient and has the added benefit of helping us recoup dollars that would otherwise be lost to credit card fees. We share these savings with you!

Around 2% of every dollar spent used to leave our community through credit card fees. Since launching Re+coop, we have reduced this amount to 0.9% of Orcas Food Co-op sales (as of May 2024). That savings is what funds the 1% back Re+coop Rewards.

By recouping these fees, we keep more dollars circulating in our local economy, creating more value for members and benefiting our community.

How Does It Work?



1. Enroll in Re+coop

2. Pay with your charge account to earn “Re+coop Rewards” of 1% of your total purchase.

The amount earned for each transaction and your current balance will be reflected on your receipt.

3. Redeem your Re+coop Rewards

As your 1% Re+coop Rewards accumulate on your account, you get to choose when and how you would like to spend the balance. You can spend it on any shopping trip, or you can donate your rewards to a monthly Community Hero recipient by letting the cashier know how much (full or partial balance) you’d like to donate. View the list of this year’s Community Hero program recipients. (*Tip: if you’re eyeing a particular organization to donate to, simply wait to redeem your rewards balance until their month rolls around.)

Whether you spend it on groceries or donate your rewards, that’s more money being put to work in our local community!