FLOWER: Fresh, local, organic, and within everyone’s reach.

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We believe that people deserve equitable and affordable access to high-quality, local, organic foods that support diverse nutritional needs.

The co-op understood that access to high-quality, local, and organic food had multiple barriers from the very beginning. This included everything from pricing to resourcing the food to make it to people’s tables.

We understand that the more access our community has to a secure food system, the stronger we all are.

In our journey to make this happen, we have introduced the FLOWER program, which originated at Greenstar Co-op in Ithaca, NY. This program is for member-owners who are enrolled in one of these programs.

  • Snap
  • Tanf (cash assistance)
  • WIC
  • SSI or SSD

If you are not a member-owner, you can become one for as little as $2 a month. To fill out a member-ownership application click HERE


You can apply electronically or in-store for the FLOWER program.


Send an email with your questions: foodaccess@orcasfood.coop or give us a call at 360-376-2009.


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Member-Owner Information

*Please provide the name of the Primary Member-Owner for your household.