North Beach Mushrooms was started by Jonathan Calhoun in 2012 when he moved back home to Orcas Island. Having grown up in Deer Harbor, he started working in the restaurant scene at only 14 years old, washing dishes at Deer Harbor Resort. After spending the better part of a decade in Portland, OR, and to a lesser extent San Diego, CA, Jonathan was well versed in the kitchen, and with nearly 16 years in the food industry, he decided to put his long-time hobby of mushroom growing to the ultimate test: making it a business. After multiple moves and expansions the operation now happily sits at OrcaSong Farm and consists of a large insulated shipping container and a climate-controlled shade house. These act as laboratory space and the fruiting environment, respectively. Jonathan is always looking to improve and expand his business organically, offering new products and varieties of mushrooms. In the future, he would love to develop a line of gourmet mushroom products like soup mixes, seasonings, and vegan mushroom patties and sausages.

Look for North Beach Mushrooms locally grown oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms in the produce section of the store!