We’ve enjoyed having local business Pinky B Crab Company popping up at the Co-op the last several weekends and offering Owner Deal prices on their live Dungeness crab, caught fresh from waters around Orcas. They’ll be back this Saturday, February 6th offering crab at $10 per pound for Co-op members (regular price is $11 per pound).

Drawing on his passion for fishing and simply being out on the water, Orcas resident Emmett Adam started the Pinky B Crab Company in the fall of 2020. After spending the spring and summer gathering all the necessary pieces for a commercial crabbing operation, he set his first pots around the islands in October alongside friend and crewman Colin Kaferle. Although he was well aware of the inevitability of selling a large portion of his catch to wholesale buyers on the mainland, Emmett was especially excited about making crab from this bountiful local fishery available to consumers here on the island. He jumped through the hoops required to be able to legally sell his own catch directly and he and Colin have been offering fresh, live crab outside the Food Co-op nearly every weekend. For Emmett, the joy of bringing this beautiful, delicious food to the Orcas community and our visitors has been equally matched by people’s appreciation and enthusiasm for both the crab and the direct connection to the fishery and fishermen. Come get some crab and delight in the exquisite bounty that waters around Orcas have to offer! What a gift it is!

For more information or to sign up for the Pinky B mailing list, in order to receive emails about upcoming sale dates, please email Emmett at pinkybcrab@gmail.com

Looking for ideas on what to do once you’ve got your crab in hand? We’ve got a few recipe suggestions. Follow the links below for full ingredient lists and instructions!


Crab Cakes

Enjoy these crab cakes as an appetizer with mustard sauce or lemon aioli or as main with slaw, potatoes and green beans.


Avocado Crab Louie Salad


Who’s Louie and from where did this much-loved classic come? Those questions remain unknown, but this salad shouldn’t be.


Baked Crab and Asparagus Spread


When you want an elegant appetizer that will inspire raves, this delightful spread delivers.