Available now on the Co-op shelves, “The Empowered Heart: A Pathway Through Suffering and into Compassion, Confidence, and Healing” from local author Katie Gray.

From author Katie Gray –

For as long as we humans have been on the planet, we’ve been deeply connected and united with one another through family, community and relationship. Yes, each of us are individuals on our own unique path in life, but we’re also deeply interwoven in this sacred, familial landscape with one another.

Sadly, many of us don’t feel that sense of connection. We don’t truly feel a sense of belonging or unity with one another. Because being human comes with a whole slew of painful experiences and traumas––many of which are never properly processed or healed––we can very easily find ourselves caught within a lifetime of unresolved pain, struggle, insecurity, habitual patterning and feelings of exclusion.

Regardless of how we present ourselves to one another while shopping at the grocery store, picking up our mail or parked in line at the ferry, inside, we may be deeply suffering inside.

While I don’t believe that there is any one method, path or solution to overcoming and healing this painful problem of division and collective suffering, I have found that the key often lies within each of us as individuals. Somehow, if we can find the courage to face ourselves and lean into the places where we’re internally hurting, we can understand the pain and heal our wounded hearts. Rather than avoiding and pretending, we can look at the truth and begin to birth true compassion, self-acceptance, self-love and confidence.

And, that’s what it takes. Being a part of a healthy community requires us to each be confident in ourselves and compassionate enough with one another that we show up fully and fearlessly, contributing what we can to make it stronger each day. Continually giving and receiving the rewards that come with that necessary exchange.

You deserve that. We all deserve that. We deserve to be ourselves and feel held, supported, accepted. We deserve to be healed from our suffering and know that we belong here in this life, in these bodies and in this sacred family and community we are co-creating together.

When we heal ourselves, we begin healing our community. When our community is healed, we heal the World.