Become a Hands-On-Owner


The Orcas Food Co-op Hands-On-Owner program allows member-owners to lend a hand in the store and receive a discount up to 20% off their regular purchases as thanks. HOOs serve a variety of roles at the Co-op, from keeping the store clean, tidy, and stocked, to greeting customers and offering specialized skills.

Involvement in the HOO program offers a number of benefits! Our Hands-On-Owners:

  • Contribute to our community’s resiliency by training in Co-op operations and joining our volunteer network.
  • Become better acquainted with the food, products, and practices of our Co-op.
  • Feel stronger in your role as an owner of our Co-op.
  • Build skills by working in various departments.
  • Receive a shopping discount.
  • Experience cooperative culture firsthand and learn the philosophy behind co-op success.
  • Develop strong, long-lasting friendships and connections with co-op staff, members, and fellow Hands-On-Owners.


Based on the hours worked the previous month, HOOs earn a month-long shopping discount for their households:

Hours Worked Discount
4-8 hours 10%
8-12 hours 15%
12 or more hours 20%

To become a HOO, please fill out the an application and mail or drop off at the Co-o, and we will contact you for an interview.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Hands-On-Owner Application