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We hope everyone is faring well in the smokey conditions we’ve had this week, taking time indoors to rest and stay hydrated. We’d like to remind you of our September Owner Deal of 10% off all regularly priced items in our wellness department. Consider taking advantage of the sale to stock up on cough drops, throat soothers, and respiratory supports during this challenging time. And remember, everything is available in our Online Shop for Curbside Pick-up and Home Delivery if you’re looking to limit your outdoor exposure. Shop our Respiratory Support collection for ideas of what to try.

September 17th is 3% Thursday! Come in and shop to support Friends of Moran State Park. 3% of gross receipts from this day will go to supporting their Centennial Celebration for Moran State Park next June along with the grand opening of the new Summit Visitor Center which will be rich with the cultural, historical and environmental aspects of the park.

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Self-Care Staff Picks

Katherine, our Operations Lead, started taking Om Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules in April and says “They make me feel energized and powered for the day. It helps me focus and calms me down.”

Lion’s Mane has been shown to promote mental clarity, focus, and alertness.


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